Green News is a section of Organic Lawn Care that is interested in promoting green products and ideas. When we come across good ideas or Companies that promote green products we will share them in this section. We will even give credit when credit is due to Companies that go the extra mile to help the environment.

A Canadian company based in Toronto. Greenshift serves the fast food
and take-out industry. Greenshift has an alternative to the Styrofoam and plastic used in the take-out industry. Cutlery is made out of potato starch,plates and food containers are made of sugar cane. While Greenshift products are more expensive to purchase, they are biodegradable and better for the environment. Any alternative to increasing land fill with products that last 500 years is a leap forward. If more take-out services offered biodegradable products even if the cost is increased slightly the environment will be the winner.


Another Canadian Company tring to help the environment. They are promoting changing neon signs to LED and saving the environment 1/10 of the power they are now using. If you multiply the amount of neon signs and reduce that amount of power by 90% how much is that saving. Check out the facts at http:// ,