Using this system you can produce the worlds best compost without bins,tumblers,odor or turning. Unless you feed and protect your lawn and garden properly, mother nature will kill off weak or infected growth. Does your soil have a rich sweet aroma or does it smell a little unpleasant? Sick soil equals sick plants. Properly cultivated humus will feed both root systems of a plant. True humus is a colloid (structurally bound suspension of a solid and a liquid). Humus colloid is up to 75% water and plant roots can get both water and plant food through their root system. Until now, the aim of people teaching composting was to produce "soil", not humus. The difference between producing "soil" instead of humus is like baking a chocolate cake without the chocolate. Using a properly produced humus in your garden will result in the best tasting produce you and your family have ever eaten. This system allows you to create humus without a bin and without odor. No longer will you have to turn a heap.  You can create an entire years humus in one day. Save money on bins, tumblers and use less water as the rich humus feeds your plants. For more information on producing your own humus that will make your plants grow like they are on nature's steroids go to and happy growing.